di Daniele Cernilli 24/02/14
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Allow me to use the weekly DW editorial to bring your attention to a new daily that focuses on culture and economics. It is called pagina99 (page 99) and is run by Emanuele Bevilacqua, a veteran journalist and an old friend. It made its debut last February 11 and comes out every day of the week except Sunday, although the Saturday edition is much bigger with more space given to leisure. Yours truly was asked to draw up wine itineraries and has a whole page once a week. Everything is also online, obviously, and the site is constantly updated. I strongly suggest you read it because, in my view, it is very interesting and this not just because I contribute to it. Bevilacqua, who oddly enough is also the current editor-in-chief at Gambero Rosso, has a very prestigious track record, he was managing director at Manifesto and currently holds the same post at the weekly L’Internazionale, one of the absolutely best national news publications around today, at least in my modest opinion. Pagina99 is more than just a daily with in-depth analyses of cultural and economic topics. It is a cross between the Manifesto in its glory days, Il Foglio and the Financial Times. For sure it is not going to be a big seller, the break-even threshold is 7,000 copies, but its readers will become cultured and informed in a proper way.

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